Image: Photo of man using assistive technology with a desktop computer.


People are using computers in all aspects of life, but the experience is not always what we'd like or need.

The increasingly powerful computing technology can be difficult or frustrating for many people, some or even all of the time. Others become expert with the technology, but would welcome increased speed or convenience.  And for many people, using computers can be a more fundamental struggle.

Morphic can be a powerful tool for improving the experience of using computers. As development and testing progress during 2019, we will share stories of how Morphic is being used by pilot site users.  

Help With Language Differences

Carmella recently moved to the United States. Although she is doing well at learning English, she is having trouble mastering the computer and all the software programs she needs for school. Having all of the computer menus and dialogs in English rather than her native language makes it much harder for her to use the computer. She notices the language button on the Morphic QuickStrip. When she clicked on the button, all of the words on the buttons, menus, ribbons, controls, and dialogues changed to her native language. This change included Windows and most of the applications she is trying to learn.

Carmella now does her school assignments in English, but with Morphic's language setting in place, the operation of the computer is much easier and quicker - and no longer a barrier to her education.

Enlarging the Whole Screen

Bruce recently had eye surgery and his vision will be quite blurry for the next week or two. Using the Screen Zoom in Morphic, he is able to scale the screen up simply making everything large enough that he can read it. As his vision improves he can slowly decrease the scaling back to standard. In fact, now that Bruce has learned about screen scaling, he often reduces the scale to make the font smaller to make room on his computer desktop to edit two documents side-by-side.

Quickly Enlarging a Page When Needed

Morgan is getting older and finds that text on web pages is sometimes OK, but sometimes too small.  She tried a magnifier but found it confusing.  Using the App / Text Zoom feature, she can enlarge the text on any web page that is too small.  She also learned from Morphic that she can use the mouse-wheel to enlarge the text - and now uses that "trick" all the time.

Making Controls Easier to Operate

Mark has cerebral palsy that interferes with his ability to use the small controls on most web applications. The Screen Zoom button on the Morphic QuickStrip allows him to quickly and easily enlarge the screen scale — so that all applications, text, and controls are larger.  Mark saves the setting to his preferences, and now each time he logs in at the Community College the screen automatically changes to the larger size he needs.  When he logs out, it automatically goes back to the regular size. 

Improving Readability of Text

Chris has always had trouble reading.  With Morphic, Chris is now able to spread out the lines of text a bit and lower the contrast, both of which make it much easier for him to read. He is now able to read longer and with better accuracy.