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"I didn't know the computer could do that!"


Morphic makes it easy to adjust settings and discover special features in your computer, unlocking its hidden flexibility, power, and simplicity.

Your settings and special features will be stored in Morphic's secure and private cloud vault. When you sign in on a Morphic-enabled computer, these settings and features will be instantly applied. When you sign out, the computer will go back to its standard settings.


If Morphic is installed on the computer, simply click on the Morphic icon at the bottom right of the Windows home screen (the system tray). This will activate the Morphic QuickStrip, which you can use to explore some popular settings.

Windows screen showing Morphic icon in tool tray

You can save settings for future use with this or any other Morphic-enabled computer.  


The buttons on the QuickStrip include some popular settings and controls that help make the computer easier to use.  All are included in Windows and other commonly used programs and browsers, but many people are not familiar with how to use them. 




When you click on the QuickStrip buttons to activate control features or choose settings, the computer will immediately apply your selections to the computer. If you change your mind, click on the button again and try a different choice.

Each of the buttons on the QuickStrip is briefly described below.  Click on the button name for more detailed information and instructions for that setting or function. 

  • Language.  Changes the language used in menus, messages, pop-ups, etc. This setting works for Windows, Edge, Office 365 and Office 2016, and other programs that follow the language setting of Windows. The language for text in documents, web pages, or other content remains in whatever language it was created. An option to translate content may be provided in some programs (such as Word). 
  • Screen Zoom.  Enlarges or shrinks everything on the screen: text, icons, images, etc. It works for all programs.
  • App / Text Zoom. Enlarges or shrinks individual windows or applications.  This setting works on the topmost window in Windows, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Word, Excel, One Note, Adobe Reader, and other apps.
  • Screen Capture. Takes a picture of all or part of the screen, which can be pasted into a document or email, or saved as a file for future use.
  • High / Low Contrast.  Changes the colors of text and background. Eight different options are provided, including both high and low contrast options. Works in Windows, Edge, Chrome, and some other apps that support Windows contrast themes.
  • Read Aloud.  Turns the "Select to Read Aloud" extension in the Chrome browser on and off. When turned on, you select the text you want to hear and click on the "Play" button that appears next to the text. To stop, click anywhere else on the screen.
  • Open Quick Folder.  Provides access to frequently-requested information made available by an organization on its Morphic-enabled computers.
  • Open USB.  Opens all of the USB drives that are plugged into the computer, so you can find them and view their contents.
  • More... (& Help).  In future releases of Morphic, this pop-up menu will provide additional buttons to help you tune the computer to your specific needs and preferences. It will also link to additional help information.
  • Save.  Your current settings will be saved to the cloud and applied automatically to any Morphic-enabled computer when you sign in.
  • Undo.  Reverses your last QuickStrip selection.
  • Reset All to Standard.  Returns the computer to all of its standard (default) settings. You will also be signed out of Morphic.
  • Close (X).  Closes the Morphic QuickStrip. You can re-open the QuickStrip by clicking on the Morphic icon at the bottom right of the Windows screen.